Compliance Management for Software Licenses

    Not all piracy is malicious, without the proper licensing and compliance management tools software license compliance is not only difficult for software publisher’s to track, it is near impossible for end-users to achieve. Passive software misuse is generally common in larger enterprise organizations and can occur in the following situations:

    • Usage past date of contract or agreement expiration
    • Seat sharing – multiple users for a single license
    • Use of unlicensed features due to lack of enforcement

    End-user License Compliance Today
    License compliance assurance is a growing issue amongst enterprise organizations. In a recent survey of global IT Directors of large enterprise organizations SafeNet revealed:

    • 23% of customers make no attempt to monitor software license compliance
    • 40% of all IT organizations have no visibility into where licenses sit within their organization
    • 42% of end-users do not know when their licenses are up for renewal
    • 28% of these organizations have experiences some form of financial or operational penalty as a result of being under licensed 
    • 20% believe that if they conducted a license compliance audit they would be under licensed


    Achieving End-user Software License Compliance
    The path to software license compliance assurance is clear:

    Software License Compliance Management and Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions

    With SafeNet’s Sentinel secure software licensing solution a software publisher can enforce the terms of their licensing contacts and service agreements to prevent malicious or unintentional misuse of software.

    Beyond software license enforcement, Sentinel entitlement management solutions enable publishers to track and report on customer compliance as well as the status of contract and service agreements. This intelligence enables software publishers to not only ensures customer compliance, but also presents an opportunity to proactively upsell and renew customer agreements. 

    Sentinel EMS also features a web-based customer portal where end-users can view the status of individual and enterprise accounts to track entitlement status and activation or usage history to ensure compliance and improve budget planning.  Try Sentinel Entitlement Management System (Sentinel EMS) for FREE today.