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SaaS Licensing and Management Solutions


As early adopters of SaaS management and SaaS licensing have realized, it is not easy to find the right catalog segmentation, feature bundling, and pricing models. It takes time, experimentation, and, most importantly, service catalog flexibility. As with traditional software licensing and consumption, ensuring user compliance with the terms of a service contract is critical to profitability. Before SaaS, data collection was a premium feature of  lost licensing and entitlement management systems used to forecast trends and make informed business decisions. In the cloud, usage data is not only used for business intelligence but is vital for supporting business critical processes, such as billing. Therefore, it is essential that cloud service providers are able to easily track, organize, and report on service usage.

Sentinel® Cloud Services bring SafeNet’s industry-proven experience in software licensing and entitlement management to the cloud. Built leveraging the company’s more than 25 years of experience delivering best-in-breed software licensing and management solutions, but architected from the ground up to support all of the unique requirements of cloud service delivery, Sentinel Cloud Services is the industry’s only complete and proven solution for SaaS Management and software monetization in the cloud.


Sentinel Cloud Services makes it quick and easy for SaaS providers to build versatile service catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure service usage, and instantly adapt their service offerings to embrace new and evolving market opportunities. Only with Sentinel can software publishers successfully package, deliver, and manage any cloud based application delivered to a PC, laptop, mobile device, or otherwise. Fully aligned with the software monetization lifecycle, Sentinel Cloud Services enables software publishers to:

define   DEFINEservice catalog and pricing models at the feature level to boost product versatility and business agility 
provision   PROVISION service agreements instantly to improve operational efficiency and minimize manual errors 
control   CONTROL user authorization to enable service agreement compliance
Measure   MEASURE customer usage for business intelligence and billing support to simplify operations and improve strategic decision-making capabilities 
adapt   ADAPTservice offerings and pricing models on the fly, without the involvement of engineering, to instantly embrace evolving market demands



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Sentinel Cloud Services offers the industry's first and only software protection and entitlment management solution delivered in the cloud for the cloud.

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