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White Box Cryptography

Gemalto is the first to offer White box cryptography as an integral part of its Sentinel portfolio of software licensing solutions

Cryptographic key discovery is one of today’s most prevalent threats in the DRM arena. It is therefore critical to protect those keys to such an extent that repeatable, reproducible and sustainable attacks cannot be easily and consistently generated against these implementations. White box cryptography is believed to be the “silver bullet” to cryptographic key discovery vulnerabilities. White box cryptography is an important aspect to the strategy of the cryptographic key protection, but it is also necessary to protect the secured application in which the keys are used.

To do so robustly and in a performance-efficient manner, several static and dynamic reverse-engineering mechanisms should be employed. Additional protection tools such as obfuscation and enveloping are critical to comprehensive security. It is important to consider the full spectrum of threats to the application and protect it accordingly. Gemalto is the first and only vendor to offer White box cryptography as an integral part of its Sentinel portfolio of software licensing solutions. This new technology allows protecting the cryptographic key at all times, rather than breaking it up and revealing it only a piece at a time. From a security perspective, this ensures that the protected key remains hidden from hackers and is therefore not susceptible to reconstruction during a potential attack process.

White Box Cryptography White Paper

White Paper - Understanding White Box Cryptography

This paper discusses traditional techniques while focusing on the White box cryptography implementation.

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