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    Software Protection

    Software piracy occurs when people copy, sell, share, or distribute software illegally. It can vary from a limited case of installation of a single-user license on multiple computers to a more chronic problem of widespread online distribution. Regardless of the rationale or delivery method, it is still software piracy. The security of SafeNet's anti-piracy software protection technology can dramatically reduce the risk of huge losses of time, investment, and revenue.

    Software piracy continues to be a growing epidemic. According to the Fifth Annual Business Software Alliance (BSA) and IDC Global Software Piracy Study, 41% of the software installed on personal computers worldwide was pirated, representing a loss of nearly $53 billion in 2008.

    SafeNet's comprehensive anti-piracy software protection technology can significantly reduce the risk of revenue lost due to piracy, creating a positive return on investment.

    Software Protection - Piracy Protection Considerations

    • Cost and strength — When considering anti piracy protection, cost and overall strength of the security are important elements to analyze.
    • Total development time — The time required to implement your anti-piracy solutions is also important. Anti-piracy technology is frequently implemented at the end of the development cycle, when time to market is limited.
    • Geographic location — Vendors must also consider the geographic location for software sales. If an application is to be sold into a region with exceptionally high software piracy rates, it may be worthwhile to incorporate maximum anti-piracy software protection. SafeNet software protection solutions enable you to easily alter the levels of security at fulfillment time without requiring any development change.
    • Available resources - Finally, total resources available must be considered to ensure developers are available to add the desired protection.

    SafeNet's Software Protection Solutions are ideal for preventing software piracy

    • SafeNet's dynamic software license management solutions are available with varying degrees of security and transparency.
    • Flexible technology is designed to easily integrate with your software package, either with the Sentinel API or by wrapping with the Sentinel Shell - or both.
    • In addition, SafeNet Rights Management Professional Services are available to assist you with your customized anti-piracy software implementation.