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Software License Models and Protection Keys

A license model is a combination of various parameters that define how a software can be used by a customer. License models map different license attributes into logical groups, which define how a protected application is to be deployed and used. These attributes are generically defined properties (including name, data type, and possible range) making-up a license.
The Sentinel licensing solutions provide you the flexibility to add multiple license models to your product, so that you can generate different types of licenses according to your requirements. They allow you to define various license models for a specific customer or geographic location.

License Models Enabled by Sentinel
Perpetual – Once purchased the software can be used indefinitely.
Feature-Based – Enable or disable product features based on the user’s needs and budget.
Network Concurrency – Enable multiple sessions in a network environment. 
Time-Based/Subscription – Enable subscription or rental of software for a specific time period. The end user pays a monthly subscription fee that covers the initial software package plus periodical updates. 
Custom Licenses – Flexibility to create complex licenses models to best suit business needs using counters, secure memory and unique ID. 
Trialware – A software-based solution for creating, protecting, and distributing secure DEMO versions of your software products. 
Commuter - A license that can be temporarily detached from a network pool center to enable off-line use of your protected software.  
VLK (Volume License Key) - A license model that enables you to sell a pool of licenses to an organization, without requiring product activation on every machine, while still enforcing the maximum number of installed workstations.  
Pay-Per-Use Post-paid – specifies that the license to use the product is valid for a specified duration. However, the billing can be done based on the usage model, which can either be:
Time Based: Billing can be done based on the duration of period for which the product is used
Count Based: Billing can be done based on the number of times the product is used within the specified period.
Pay-Per-Use Pre-paid – specifies a limit on the maximum number of times a license can be used, in addition to license validity.

Protection Keys Used by Sentinel

After selecting the desired combination of license models, it is time to select the protection key that will be used to deliver and lock the software. Whether you ship physical boxes, embed your software into high-tech devices, offer electronic delivery, or deliver your product as a service in the cloud, our various license and protection keys have you covered.

Featuring Sentinel’s innovative Cross-Locking™ technology, the Sentinel solutions enable you to leverage any combination of hardware, software and cloud license delivery and locking options. Each protection key has its own unique benefits:

Hardware-based Licensing – The Sentinel hardware keys offer the highest level of copy and IP protection available. Offered in a wide variety of types and form factors, the Sentinel hardware keys protect software by allowing access and execution of the application only when the key is physically connected. Hardware keys are ideal for software publishers whose primary concern is security. They are ideal for scenarios where the protected application runs on a device that supports USB or ExpressCard, with additional options for embedding directly on circuit boards.

Software-based Licensing – The Sentinel software keys are virtual software-based keys residing in the secure storage of your end-user’s machine. The use of Sentinel software keys eliminates the need to ship a physical software product, enabling end users to quickly install and start using the application. Sentinel SL is ideal for software publishers whose end users require more flexible license delivery methods.

Cloud-based Licensing – The Sentinel cloud keys are a software protection type provided as a solution in the cloud. Integration of Sentinel cloud keys into your software products allows for user-centric licensing, letting users access your software from any of their devices and virtual machines. This protection type is ideal for software publishers who want to enjoy benefits like immediate license enablement, improved software usage-tracking and post-pay business model opportunities.

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