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Sentinel HASP HL

Sentinel HASP HL

Sentinel HASP is the industry’s first and only rights management solution to enable the use of either software- or hardware-based protection keys (USB dongles) to enforce software protection and licensing.

Sentinel HASP fully integrates with existing software product lifecycles to minimize disruptions to development and business processes. Sentinel HASP features role-based tools and processes that allow all staff to focus on their core competencies.

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Sentinel HASP Hardware-Based Protection Key Models

Sentinel HASP HL Protection Keys are available in a variety of models to support every business need. For a complete list, please see below.

  Protection Key RAM ROM Max. Features Dimensions (in mm)
n/a n/a n/a 40.5x16x8
112Bytes 112Bytes 39 40.5x16x8
4KB 2KB 231 40.5x16x8
HASP HL MaxMicro  
4KB 2KB 231 19.1x15.6x7.6
HASP HL Time  
4KB 2KB 231 52x16x8
4KB 2KB 231 40.5x16x8
HASP HL NetTime  
4KB 2KB 231 52x16x8
HASP HL Drive  
Flash 2G/4G
2KB 231 74.2x11.3x28.6
4KB 2KB 231 75x34x5

License Enforcement through Cross-Locking Technology

Sentinel HASP features unique Cross-Locking technology and is the only software licensing solution on the market to offer hardware- (USB dongles) and software-based protection and secure software licensing in a single solution with one set of tools. Sentinel HASP features a variety of hardware- and software-based protection keys that enable vendors to choose the appropriate enforcement level based on business needs.

Benefits of Sentinel HASP HL hardware-based protection keys:

  • Provides the strongest protection against software piracy, correct functionality of the software depends on presence and logic of the Sentinel HASP HL key, which is virtually tamper-proof
  • Offers the strongest enforcement for license terms, which are securely stored and protected inside the Sentinel HASP HL key
  • Enables portability so the software can be used on any PC to which the Sentinel HASP HL key is connected
  • Does not require an Internet connection to activate the software 

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