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Sentinel HASP HL Time

The World's Most Secure Software Protection Dongle

Sentinel HASP HL Time is a Software Protection Dongle that contains a highly accurate Real Time Clock (RTC) which enables time based (expiry date & days from first use) and tamper proof expiration date license management solutions. 

Like most of Gemalto’s award-winning Sentinel HASP family of hardware-based protection keys, the Sentinel HASP HL Time key includes a full complement of robust security and cryptographic algorithms, including a unique 32-bit ID, 128-bit AES encryption and support for 64,000 encryption keys.

Each Sentinel HASP HL Time contains a unique ID number that allows us to protect each copy of the application unique. Knowing the ID number of a key allows you to fully control the sale and renovation protected software.

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Sentinel HASP HL Time Software Protection Dongle Technical Specifications


Unique 32-Bit ID


Secure Communication Channel


Cryptographic Algorithms

AES 128-Bit Encryption


Remote Update - RSA Digital Signature


64,000 Encryption Keys


Support  Licensing Models







Time Based (Subscription and Rental)  Yes
Custom Yes


On-Key Clock (RTC) Yes
Battery Life Warranty 4 Years
Real Time Clock Accuracy
(@ 25˚C  +/- 5˚C)
<12.8 minutes/year


Protected Read / Write Memory


Read Only Memory (ROM)


Backward Compatibility Memory


Data Retention

At Least 10 Years

Write Cycles (EEPROM / Flash)

At least 1,000,000

Max. Features/Applications Enabled per Key


Physical Specifications

Default Color


Connection Type

USB Type A

Lines Used

Power, Ground, 2 for Data

Plastic Case Material

Lexan 500R

Storage Temperature

0˚C to 70˚C

32˚F to 158˚F

Operating Temperature

0˚C to 70˚C

32˚F to 158˚F

Humidity Rating (without condensation)


Power Consumption – operating / standby

50mA / < 0.5mA

Dimensions L x W x H (in mm)

52 X 16 X 8

Weight (in grams)


Benefits of the Sentinel HASP HL Time hardware-based software protection dongle:    
  • Onboard Real-Time Clock (RTC) which enables time based and tamper proof expiration date license management solutions
  • Distribution of trial (trial) versions
  • Highest level of protection – Implementing 128-bit AES encryption
  • Protect up 231 features or applications with a single key
  • Protected memory (4KB read/write, 2KB of ROM, 4KB backwards compatibility memory)
  • Remote update to in-the-filed keys
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and Mac)
How does Sentinel HASP work?
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