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Entitlement Management Solutions

For enterprise software and high-tech equipment vendors, maximizing profitability means not only reaching new markets, but also minimizing the internal costs and resources required for licensing.

The most effective way to manage the costs and improve the overall experience of licensing is by making entitlement management an integrated piece of the software licensing implementation. With an effective entitlement management system, you can reduce operational cost, improve operation processes, empower channel partners, improve the end-user experience, and enjoy increased product visibility.

A comprehensive entitlement management system helps software organizations to achieve three core things:

  • Licensing Automation - Once a centralized place to store and access license and entitlement data has been established, it then becomes much easier to start building out automated processes to simplify time consuming manual tasks such as audit reporting, renewal reporting, product activation, and more. With the right entitlement management system, an organization can easily automate many proactive efforts such as license fulfillment, license delivery, compliance reporting, new feature promotion, renewal messages, expiration notices, and so forth.

  • Versatile Packaging - Software packaging is not a one time event and ‘one size’ is never going to ‘fit all’. Even with the most sophisticated, feature-rich offering on the market, if a software publisher is unable to offer flexible pricing and licensing models, they will never reach their maximum potential. A comprehensive entitlement management system allows software vendors to create product packages and licensing models that meet customer needs and adapt to evolving market trends.

  • Increased License Visibility - By enabling increased license visibility, entitlement management systems empower partners and end-users to do many of the tasks that bog down sales, customer service, and tech support teams. These tasks include but are not limited to activation, renewals, upgrades, cancellations, and so on. By enabling channel partners and customers to perform these tasks on their own, software vendors can improve the end user experience while dramatically decreasing the number of basic requests coming into various support functions.

With Sentinel EMS, establishing a strong interface between the system that generates and manages your software licensing and entitlements, and your back office ERP and CRM systems has never been easier. Gemalto offers a variety of out of the box connectors for automating the exchange of information between your back office and Sentinel EMS. 

Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS is a Web-based solution that provides software publishers with a centralized tool for all license and entitlement management functions.

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Sentinel Up

Sentinel Up enables software and device vendors to automate the distribution of software updates, improve user experience and gain valuable insight about install base.

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ROI Calculator

The NEW Gemalto Cost Savings Calculator can help you figure out where your spend is going and how using a smart software monetization solution can help you save money in the long run.

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EMS Product Brief

EMS Product Brief

Sentinel EMS offers the most robust and feature-rich entitlement management solution available on the market. Sentinel EMS enables customers to consolidate all entitlement management processes on a single unified platform for any type of licensing enforcement methods including homegrown and commercial third party off-the-shelf products.

Download the Product Brief

Miko Case Study

Miko Case Study

Learn how Miko maximizes software revenue and reduces operational expenses with Gemalto Sentinel​​​.

Download the Case Study

Improving Customer Experience FB

Improving your Customer Experience with Sentinel EMS

A guide to providing a streamlined, customizable, and user-friendly licensing experience that meets growing customer expectations.​​

Download the Feature Brief

Integration Process FB

A Simple Integration Process for Streamlining Your Back-office Systems with Sentinel EMS

Discover how centralized entitlement management can simplify internal processes, greatly improving licensing-related interactions both internally and with your customers.

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Entitlement Management Free Trials

At Gemalto, we believe the best way to tell you how secure and easy our products are is to show you.  That’s why we provide our award-winning software monetization solutions in FREE trial versions, so you can try before you buy. Please select the solution below that you’d like to try. Not sure which is right for your business? When our sales team memeber contacts you, just let them know.


Sentinel EMS

Are operational tasks associated with licensing weighing down internal resources or complicating your customer experience? Streamline your back office processes with our web-based entitlement management system.

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Sentinel Up

Sentinel Up enables software and device vendors to improve customer experience and reduce cost of operations by automatically delivering product updates, new releases and notifications directly to their customers.

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