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Servitization in
Industrial Automation


Unlocking New Revenue Streams for the Industrial Automation Market

In an increasingly connected and competitive landscape, more and more device-level industrial automation vendors are on the lookout for ways to differentiate themselves. For many industrial hardware vendors, from industrial robotics to metrology and 3D printing, this means moving from a product-centric to a service-centric model, otherwise known as “Servitization.”

Servitization is gaining popularity due in large part to dwindling product margins, increased hardware commoditization, and greater customer demand for value-added services and innovative business models. Industrial automation vendors are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they incorporate servitization into their business models to offer services to their customers beyond the physical product.

Why Are Not All Manufacturers Adopting Servitization?

It is believed that some manufacturers are simply not ready. Generally, they either don’t have the technology in place to implement servitization, they don’t have the required human resources or associated skill-set.

According to Barclays’ 2016 Annual Manufacturing Report, 80% of respondents do not currently offer ‘power by the hour’ pricing models, or anything similar.  

How can Gemalto help?

To successfully deliver on the servitization model, manufacturers need to ensure they deploy a full-featured software monetization solution that would address:

Preventive Maintenance

Leverage usage-based / time-based data to send timely notifications to the maintenance team. Find out more about Sentinel Entitlement Management.

Feature-Based Capabilities

Enable or disable product features based on the end-customer’s needs and budget. Learn how to monetize the embedded software in your industrial automation manufacturing.

Flexible Business Models

Offer innovative consumption-based business models based on real consumption, and let customers pay only for what they really consume. How to reap the benefits of embedded software.

Authorized Technicians

Assign a dedicated and authorized technician to perform the maintenance of devices installed in customer factories. Get started on monetizing embedded software in your industrial automation manufacturing.

Learn more about our award-winning software monetization solution for industrial automation manufacturers, and enjoy the very best in software monetization.

Gemalto’s Sentinel Platform Recognized in 'On The Radar' Report by OVUM, Leading Industry Research Firm OVUM's analysts advise enterprises to examine Gemalto’s Sentinel Platform before attempting home-grown alternatives.

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About Gemalto’s Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions

Gemalto, through its acquisition of SafeNet, is the market-leading provider of software licensing and entitlement management solutions for on-premise, embedded, and cloud-based software vendors. Gemalto’s Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.