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Electronic Software Delivery

Maximizing Business Profitability with Secure Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)

Customer experience, revenue protection, and resource optimization are top of mind for all organizations, including software publishers.

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) solutions -- including Akamai’s Web Application Accelerator -- enable software publishers to deliver applications digitally faster and more reliably than ever. Other software delivery applications do not, however, integrate easily into software licensing business processes, which creates challenges and limitations for software publishers, including:

  • Complicated, manually-driven software purchasing and software delivery processes
  • Diminished control over access to enhanced, fee-for-download software downloads

To provide an improved software download experience and to streamline their entire software delivery and management process, a software publisher needs to integrate their ESD solution with an industry-proven entitlement management system like Gemalto’s Sentinel EMS.

Gemalto has partnered with Akamai, the leader in software delivery, to provide software publishers with a complete, trustworthy solution for secure, automated, electronic software delivery. This partnership enables software publishers to improve the end-user software purchasing and software activation experience, while protecting revenue and reducing internal operating costs.

  • Improve the Download Experience for Paying Customers: Ensure that only paying customers are able to enjoy the faster download times enabled by Akamai’s ESD solutions
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Reduce cost and complexity of time consuming, manual operation processes by automating software distribution, from purchase through software activation and delivery
  • Maximize Revenue: Prevent revenue leakage by restricting access software downloads with entitled distribution
  • Gain Business Intelligence: Improve business operations with insight gained from integrated reporting on the complete purchasing cycle

Request a meeting with one of Gemalto’s Software Monetization Specialists today to learn more about the Akamai - Gemalto Secure ESD solution.

EMS Product Brief

Product Brief - Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS offers the most robust and feature-rich entitlement management solution available on the market. Sentinel EMS enables customers to consolidate all entitlement management processes on a single unified platform for any type of licensing enforcement methods including homegrown and commercial third party off-the-shelf products. ​

Download the Product Brief


Feature Brief - Improving your Customer Experience with Sentinel EMS

A guide to providing a streamlined, customizable, and user-friendly licensing experience that meets growing customer expectations.

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Sentinel EMS Free Trial

Are operational tasks associated with licensing weighing down internal resources or complicating your customer experience? Streamline your back office processes with our web-based entitlement management system.

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