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Cloud Application Management Business Challenges

Software Monetization in the Cloud

Revenue Assurance

In order to maximize profitability, cloud service providers need to be able to guarantee service agreement compliance. Service agreement compliance ensures that end-users are only authorized to view services and features they have purchased, that access is revoked for pre-paid users once pre-paid access has been consumed, or alternatively that all pay-as-you-go usage is logged for post-use billing.

Gemalto’s Sentinel Cloud Services offers cloud service providers the tools necessary to monitor and enforce the defined access rights of any individual or enterprise.

Product Versatility & Business Agility

Today, without the ability to design feature-level authorization into their business models, ISVs are forced to provide simple, all-inclusive subscription access to their offerings—limiting pricing options and market reach. Feature-level authorization would enable cloud service providers to efficiently bundle their application to reach a range of unique market segments and optimize the value of specific features/functions to maximize profitability.

Gemalto’s Sentinel Cloud Services enable cloud service providers to offer and manage feature level access to SaaS applications. Sentinel Cloud’s unique design also enables customers to build licensing into their business once and then modify service pricing and bundling strategies on-the-fly without ever having to re-engineer.

Data Collection & Reporting

Currently, archaic data collection and usage tracking systems do not enable granular usage tracking of application delivered as a service in the cloud. Data collection and reporting may be viewed as a premium feature for on-premise software delivery, but for software delivered as a service it is a must. Cloud service providers must be able to accurately track and run granular usage reports to support business-critical functions such as billing and tom improve strategic decision-making capabilities.

Gemalto solutions offer a centralized tool for advanced data collection and reporting for both on-premise software and in the cloud services. With Sentinel Cloud Services customers can automate reports to support their billing process while gaining access to a wealth of information on how their applications are being used.

Services Brief - Sentinel Cloud

Feature-based user provisioning, authorization, metering, and management solution for Software delivered as a Service

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