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Software Monetization Solutions

Software monetization means the adoption of any variety of measures a software company takes in order to increase the profitability of their intellectual property. Every software monetization strategy is unique. In order to maximize the value you are deriving from your software offering, your strategy should take into consideration each aspect of software monetization - packaging, control, management, and monitoring.

Gemalto's Software Monetization solutions are comprehensive and extensible. From the start-up to the enterprise, our comprehensive suite of products, including Sentinel LDK, Sentinel EMS, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel Fit, and Sentinel Cloud, allow you to not only grow your software business but also work seamlessly with outside products. In addition, Gemalto's Sentinel Professional Services team of software licensing and entitlement management experts are available to guide you through the setup and implementation process.

Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions. The robust portfolio of products and services address each and every aspect of the software monetization lifecycle – from copy and intellectual property (IP) protection to product catalog management and ongoing end-user experience improvement. Gemalto is the first and only vendor to offer a complete portfolio of software licensing and entitlement management solutions to enable monetization of any type of software – installed, embedded, and cloud services – using any combination of business models via any sales channel to any end-user device.


Software Protection and Licensing

Safeguard your software products with a range of licensing solutions designed to protect against IP theft and reverse engineering.

Software Protection
IP Protection
Secure Software Licensing

Entitlement Management

Integrate a web-based entitlement management solution with your back office for easy generation, reporting, and ongoing management of entitlements.

Entitlement Management
Software License Management
Software Virtualization
Electronic Software Delivery
Software Packaging and Pricing

Licensing and Usage

Ensure license compliance, utilize usage data, select hardware, software, cloud-based or any combination of license enforcement methods and .leverage the cloud to deliver a consistent user experience for any device, environment or licensing method.

Software Usage Tracking and Reporting

Consulting and Services

Take advantage of over 30 years of experience in the software monetization industry and work with our consulting and services teams to deploy an effective software monetization solution for all stakeholders within your organization

Software Licensing Consulting Services


ROI Calculator

The NEW Gemalto Cost Savings Calculator can help you figure out where your spend is going and how using a smart software monetization solution can help you save money in the long run.

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Sentinel Software Monetization Products and Services

Easy to integrate and use, innovative, and feature-focused, the company’s family of Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions are designed to meet the unique license enablement, enforcement, and management requirements of any organization, regardless of size, technical requirements, or organizational structure.

An award-winning suite of hardware, software, and cloud based licensing solutions for protecting software applications from piracy, overuse, or code manipulation in order to maximize profitability and protect competitive IP.


Sentinel Cloud Services

Bring Gemalto’s industry-proven experience in software licensing and entitlement management to the cloud. Built leveraging the company’s more than 30 years of experience, but architected from the ground up to support all of the unique requirements of cloud service delivery, Sentinel Cloud Services is the industry’s only complete and proven solution for SaaS Management and software monetization in the cloud.

Learn more about Sentinel Cloud


Sentinel LDK

Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK) is a comprehensive software monetization solution that pairs the company’s award-winning software copy and intellectual property (IP) protection features with the web-based, license management capabilities of Sentinel EMS, Gemalto’s entitlement management system. Sentinel LDK also features three best of class protection types i.e. Sentinel HL,Sentinel SL and Sentinel CL. Whether you ship physical boxes, embed your software into high-tech devices, offer electronic delivery, or deliver your product as a service in the cloud, our various protection types have you covered.

Learn more about Sentinel LDK

Sentinel RMS

Sentinel RMS is a robust license enforcement and enablement solution providing software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used. Focused on scalable and flexible license management, RMS is ideal for applications deployed in medium to large scale enterprise environments. Implementation of RMS provides a tie-in to software licensing agreements in order to enforce the terms and conditions by which you manage your products. In addition to reducing the risk of piracy, RMS enables you to easily offer a variety of license models to flexibly price and package your products.When combined with Sentinel EMS, Gemalto’s enterprise-oriented, Web-based management system, Sentinel RMS provides a complete solution for license management and software license enforcement.

Learn more about Sentinel RMS

Sentinel Embedded Solutions

Gemalto offers several software monetization solutions tailored specifically to securely manage software embedded within any piece of hardware – from networking appliances and medical devices to mobile handsets and industrial automation equipment. The Sentinel Embedded Software Monetization offer device and equipment manufacturers with all the tools they need to effectively protect their products from tampering and reverse engineering while also opening up an entirely new world of packaging and opportunities to maximize profitability.

Learn more about Sentinel Embedded Solutions

Sentinel HL Hardware Keys

Sentinel HL keys are offered in a new contemporary design while maintaining full backwards compatibility with your existing Sentinel HASP HL and Sentinel SuperPro implementations, and they allow you to take full advantage of forward compatibility with our next generation software licensing solution – Sentinel LDK.

Learn more about Sentinel HL Hardware Keys

ultrapro 2

Other Products

80 million hardware keys already deployed, and we stand by each one!

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Software Monetization Resources

Gemalto provides the industry’s leading software protection, licensing, and entitlement management solutions for installed, embedded, and cloud applications.  Please review the resources below for details.


LicensingLive! Blog

LicensingLive! is the ultimate source for all things software licensing. It is aimed at helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers improve their licensing experience through a free exchange of ideas. Visit the blog to learn more!

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LEAP Newsletter

LEAP is your essential guide to software licensing, entitlement, and protection. Available in quarterly installments, it brings you all the industry news and expert opinion you need to make well-informed business decisions.

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Sentinel Video Cloud

Visit the Software Monetization Sentinel Video cloud where you will find webcasts, interviews, and more.

Visit the Video Cloud

Customer Testimonials

Gemalto understands its customer’s unique licensing requirements and prides itself on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Visit our customer testimonials page to learn more about case studies and use cases.

Visit the Testimonals Page

Customer Experience Infographic

The cost of acquiring customers is just one of the reasons many businesses have moved from selling products to selling services. For these companies, giving customers a better experience is a key differentiator. But many fall at the first hurdle with poor adoption of their products. What’s the reason??

Download the Infographic

White Paper - How to Get Software Licensing Right the First Time

This white paper explains why building a cohesive licensing team and aligning it with your business processes should take priority over integrating licensing technology with your software products.

Download the White Paper


View All Software Monetization Resources

LicensingLive! Events

LicensingLive offers a unique opportunity for software vendors and high-tech manufacturers to learn how to address your licensing challenges among your peers in the software licensing and entitlement management sector. This industry event was created to discuss the issues facing our rapidly changing industry.

  • Receive guidance on software licensing decisions and challenges you are facing
  • Learn about innovative licensing solutions to thrive in this new environment
  • Discuss the newest licensing technologies for taking your software pricing, packaging, and management strategies to the next level in order to maximize profitability
  • Discuss best practices around integrating licensing into your business processes and existing back-office systems

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View Past LicensingLive! Presentations
View the LicensingLive! Blog

Sentinel Software Monetization Free Trials

At Gemalto, we believe the best way to tell you how secure and easy our products are is to show you. That’s why we provide our award-winning software monetization solutions in FREE trial versions, so you can try before you buy. Please select the solution below that you’d like to try. Not sure which is right for your business? When our sales team memeber contacts you, just let them know.


Sentinel LDK

Sentinel LDK

Award-winning software protection and intuitive entitlement management features all in one out-of-the-box solutions! Leverage hardware or software-based license enforcement techniques to protect your revenue while Sentinel EMS helps you centralize all operational processes associated with licensing!

Download Your FREE Trial

Sentinel Cloud

Sentinel Cloud

Software Licensing and entitlement management delivered as a service, for cloud services! It's time to take your software monetization business to the cloud.

Download Your FREE Trial

Sentinel RMS

Sentinel RMS

Sentinel RMS is a robust license enforcement and enablement solution providing software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used.

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Sentinel Emebedded Solutions

Sentinel Embedded Solutions

Sentinel Embedded Solutions are flexible software licensing toolkits that give you the freedom to design and implement the right licensing experience for embedded devices. Fully integrated with Sentinel EMS, the company’s web-based entitlement management system, Sentinel Embedded Solutions are very comprehensive for solving all of your embedded software protection challenges.

Download Your FREE Trial

Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS

Are operational tasks associated with licensing weighing down internal resources or complicating your customer experience? Streamline your back office processes with our web-based entitlement management system.

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Sentinel Fit

Sentinel Fit is a light-weight licensing solution that is intended for use with embedded devices. The Sentinel Fit run-time has an extremely small footprint and is limited to the minimal features that are required for a licensing system that runs on embedded devices.

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