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Sentinel EMS: Entitlement Management System

The single software licensing platform you need to support your product lifecycle

Sentinel EMS is a web-based licensing and entitlement management system that enables software developers and device manufacturers to maximize revenues and streamline business operations. The Sentinel EMS platform includes out-of-the-box interfaces for license generation, activation, tracking, reporting, and back-office integration and customer self-service portals.

Versatile Packaging
Customize product packages and licensing models to meet customer needs and adapt to evolving market trends.

  • Less Development Effort: Build new product packages and license models quickly and easily, without additional engineering.
  • Flexible Licensing: Deploy popular and custom licensing models including trial, subscription, perpetual, seat-based and per-use licensing.
  • Version-less Entitlements: Enable customers to upgrade to different software versions (variant) as required without creating a new entitlement.
  • Catalog Management: Define a feature-based product catalog to ensure accuracy, simply distribution and increase efficiency.
  • Protect Once Deliver Many: Deliver the same package to individual users or across thousands of enterprise domain users.

Customer Self-Service
Deliver a wide range of customer self-service licensing and entitlement management capabilities.

  • Cost Reduction: Enable customers to activate and manage licenses independently via intuitive web interface.
  • Account Management:  Authorize customers to activate, renew, upgrade, and  transfer ownership of products without contacting customer support.
  • Web Portal Branding: Fully customize the design of your web portal to match your company brand.
  • Workflow Integration: Integrate custom workflows into your web portal interface to fit in with your back office services and applications.

Vendor Agnostic Licensing
Support any type of licensing enforcement method including Sentinel RMS, homegrown and third party products.

  • Centralized Management: Manage different licensing enforcement systems via a single interface.
  • License Generation: Simplify fulfillment processes and reduce the complexity of license generation with a unified management system.
  • Multiple Deployment Models: Support any type of deployment including on-premise, cloud or hybrid licensing and provisioning.
  • Consistent User Experience: Create a familiar and intuitive user experience for all products and workflows.
  • Back-Office Integration: Utilize web services to integrate data with ERP and CRM systems.

Usage Tracking & Reporting
Utilize usage data to ensure license compliance, gain insight about feature usage and send license status notifications to customers.

  • Feature Usage: Gain insight about how your products are deployed and which features are used most.
  • License Compliance: Utilize entitlement tracking and reporting tools to ensure compliance to paid license usage.
  • Business Intelligence: Evaluate new packaging, pricing, and distribution models based on accurate usage tracking data.
  • User Notifications: Send product renewal, upgrade, and service pack notification emails to customers.

Multi-Channel Distribution
Empower distributors, resellers, system integrators and OEM suppliers to distribute, activate, and provision customer entitlements.

  • Channel Support: Improve entitlement distribution, activation, provisioning, reporting, and support for each channel.
  • Billing Information:  Gather activation and entitlement consumption data to ensure accurate billing.
  • Multi-Tier Administration: Enable business partners to access, view and activate entitlements for end-customers.
  • User Notifications: Send email notifications to multiple recipients associated with a transaction or entitlement.
  • Web Service Administration: Perform online administration of channel partners, OEM suppliers and third party vendors.

Back-Office Automation
Deploy a fully automated license fulfillment, delivery, tracking and reporting solution with seamless integration to back-office applications.

  • Streamlined Operation: Minimize time-consuming, manual data entry, reduce errors, and deploy standardized procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Role-Based Administration:  Create, edit and manage users, roles, and permissions across the organization.
  • Data Consolidation:  Centralize all licensing-related customer data including assigning a device friendly name to the locking information of a device, gain access to accurate up-to-date data and publish to ERP and CRM systems.
  • Audit History: Display a detailed view of entitlement, transaction, and activation activities.

Electronic Software Delivery as a Service(ESDaaS)
Automate entitlement driven distribution and delivery of software and digital content.

  • Global Distribution Services: Enable customers to access and download content or software products directly from the internet.
  • Cost Reduction: Eliminate the need for costly manufacturing distribution and delivery of software to customers.
  • On-Demand Scalability: Support any file size for both low volume and high volume releases.

Sentinel EMS

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Sentinel EMS - Product Brief

Product Briefs

Sentinel EMS - Product Brief

An enterprise-class licensing service for maximizing revenues


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