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TEXA S.p.A. Receives a Large Return on Investment as SafeNet Sentinel Eliminates Piracy of Their Software

Stryker Meets Market Demand, Streamlines the Back Office, and Reduces Costs with Sentinel

Does your organization need to switch from hardware to a services-based model to meet today’s demands? Discover how Stryker, a medical device manufacturer, streamlined operations, expanded busine...

University of Hannover Institute of Concrete Construction Uses Sentinel to License and Protect its SMMEXS Structural Test and Monitoring Software - Case Study

Learn how Sentinel LDK and Sentinel HL Pro (driverless) protection key allowed The Institute of Concrete Construction to license and protect embedded software, limit or expand features and functi...

COBUS ConCept Assures Revenue, Expands Licensing Flexibility & Reduces Costs with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

COBUS ConCept, a leading CAD/CAM software vendor switches to Gemalto Sentinel to protect its software code and provide its customers with an alternative to physical dongles. The move to Gemalto Sen...

With SafeNet Sentinel, AEOL Protects their Market-leading Training Software while Driving Back-office Efficiencies - Case Study

Discover how implementing a SafeNet Sentinel licensing management solution allowed AEOL to acquired a software licensing solution that would fully protect their unique driving training...

Gyan Era Relies on SafeNet Sentinel - Case Study

Discover how Gyan Era prevented software piracy, protected video content and offered software subscriptions with Sentinel LDK, Sentinel HL Time and Sentinel EMS. Easy implementation and end user su...

BlackCat Networld SL Implements Sentinel SL to Protect and Monetize their Unique Educational Software

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