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INEA Looks to Sentinel HASP SL to Protect its KIBERnet Systems within Virtualized Environments - Case Study

Are your organization’s virtual environments protected? Sentinel HASP SL offers the highest level of security and a flexible licensing model with additional checking of source codes through HASP Run-T...

Gemalto Sentinel Manages Licensing & Packaging Lifecycle for Intelligent Medical Devices and Informatics Software - Case Study

Is your organization managing multiple hardware devices at high costs with an outdated licensing system? Discover how a leading manufacturer of intelligent medical devices solved this problem wit...

Snell Protects Valuable IP and Streamlines Licensing Operations with Sentinel RMS & EMS - Case Study

Discover how to protect your organizations IP from reverse engineering and tampering with cross-platform support from Sentinel RMS and EMS. Snell On Demand implemented Sentinel product...

Siemens Maximizes ROI Using Sentinel - Case Study

Is your organization ready for a software protection and licensing technology upgrade? Sieman Energy Automation upgraded their technology to Sentinel LDK/EMS with Sentinel HL MAX keys with a quick ...

Inasoft Relies on SafeNet Sentinel for Secure Licensing of its SQL4automation Software and to Reduce Support Costs - Case Study

Is your organizations protection and licensing technology outdated? Discover how Inasoft overcame this challenge with Gemalto Sentinel LDK/EMS with Sentinel HL and Sentinel SL. With qu...

Gemalto Sentinel Helps Quadrature Create New Revenue Streams and Ensure Competitive Advantage - Case Study

Quadrature is a production software provider in need of a flexible license management system and self-service for customers and channel partners. Discover how they used Gemalto Sentinel Software ...

Sentinel LDK EMS Powers Flexible On-Premise and On-Demand Licensing of Automotive CAN Tools for Schleißheimer GmbH - Case Study

Schleißheimer GmbH, a developer of hardware and software, implemented Sentinel LDK/EMS to meet customer demand for hardware-based software security keys. Sentinel LDK/EMS enables flexible licen...

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