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Sentinel HASP - How Does it Work?

At your site, engineers use Sentinel HASP to protect your software and release a single protected application binary. Your product managers then create a variety of software packages for which they apply licenses, define Sentinel HASP Protection Keys and then distribute – either boxed, or via the internet. Once the end-user receives and installs the software, it can be used only after the Sentinel HASP Protection Key is applied. This depends on the type of key the product manager chose and was distributed with the software:

  • Sentinel HASP HL - in this case, the end-user connects the HASP HL key to the USB port of their PC.
  • Sentinel HASP SL - in this case the end-user transmits it electronically via the internet, to the HASP Business Studio Server. A Sentinel HASP SL key is sent back and installed on the end.

Sentinel HASP meets the needs of most ISVs currently seeking an easily managed protection, licensing and management system. Its unique Cross-Locking technology separates engineering and marketing processes, providing flexibility for vendors who are trying to stay competitive. Its intuitive, role-based tools make it easy for your staff to get up and running quickly. And because it comes from Gemalto, you can count on Sentinel HASP to offer the highest level of both copy and intellectual property protection available.

Sentinel HASP Provides Intellectual Property Protection


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