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Software Licensing Innovations for Telecom

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) replaces dedicated network functions, such as firewalls and routers, to software running on virtual servers. The shift to software-centric network functions is meant to transform the way CSPs (Communication Service Providers) deliver services, enabling them to reduce CAPEX/OPEX, provide better service deployment and achieve faster time-to-market.

In the NFV arena, network functions that were once delivered by a single-vendor hardware appliance, can now be disaggregated and delivered as multi-vendor software applications. This facilitates new possibilities for service delivery and enhanced operational efficiency. Hence, software licensing strategies, pricing, entitlement and enforcement, play an important role in realizing the potential of NFV.

Delivering on the Promise of NFV

Although NFV has been gaining traction with CSPs over the past years, most of the business case benefits such as CAPEX/OPEX savings and rapid time-to-market, are yet to be confirmed. According to Analysis Mason, NFV spend remains slow ($19B by 2019) and will represent roughly 9% of the legacy telecom HW+SW in 2019. If NFV is to deliver on its promise, both NFV providers and CSPs must understand the business case and the role each needs to play to unlock its value. To accelerate NFV adoption among CSPs, NFV providers need to deliver licensing options to CSPs, who then need to leverage these options and translate them into values for their subscribers.

Building a Win Win Relationship

Gemalto offers software licensing solutions to answer the needs of both NFV providers and CSPs in today’s transforming market, while addressing the unique challenges that arise where these two industries meet.

Delivering operational efficiency, flexible business models and customer experience with Gemalto Sentinel EMS and Sentinel RMS:

  • Offer various pricing options to:

    > Accommodate subscriber's needs and budget

    > Improve customer retention

    > Keep competitive advantage

  • Collect usage data and gain business insights to:

    > Understand subscriber's usage habits

    > Analyze consumption trends overtime

    > Improve business outcome predictability

  • Consolidate all networks to:

    > Increase operational efficiency

    > Integrate back office applications

    > Manage licensing from centralized place

  • Enable self-service options to:

    > Provide quick and smooth service delivery

    > Deliver new offerings and functions efficiently

    > Scale and modify future services independently

About Gemalto Sentinel Solutions

We deliver software monetization solutions that help software and device vendors operate, price and sell differently, maximizing the value of their software.